Hey!!  I’m Victoria!

I’m glad you’re here! I spend most of my days with my little tribe – relaxing, watching movies, working out, jamming out to music, working on my business, playing board games, eating cereal and wandering the streets of new places! We absolutely LOVE to travel! There’s a quote that really resonates with my mantra; 

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”. With every moment I’m behind the camera, these words never leave me. It’s my hope that my work is a reflection of this in every way.

Growing up in the military, I traveled a lot. Traveling has taught me more about myself than anything else…it’s given me the freedom to dream big and get lost while also trying to figure out this thing called LIFE. 

Photography was never in the plans for me, and it wasn’t until I had my daughter did I truly start to love it.  I trusted this calling Jesus had on my life and purchased my first camera, a Canon rebel, and I loved it! I think we’re all an artist deep down, we just have to find that one thing that pulls it out of us. Maybe it was photography or perhaps it was experiencing motherhood and the raw beauty that comes with it…the unconditional love, those long summer days at my grandmas running the country fields with no care, or my Native American heritage. Which brings me back to my sessions and my “why?”. 

Native people are storytellers and growing up I was often mesmerized while my grandparents told stories reminiscing about the old days.  When I get around my family back home during our ceremonies and immerse myself in our culture and traditions, I often find myself truly just being [still] in the moment – it brings my heart so much peace. 

So here I am, 4 years later living my best life with the most rewarding and fulfilling job in the world! I hope to meet you in the near future, capturing your most authentic moments together. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Hailey Faria Photography & Karina Cantu Photography