Hello There!  I’m Victoria. I am a natural-light photographer currently based out of the KMC area in Germany and occasionally Oklahoma. I have always had a love for photography; whether that was getting my family’s pictures taken or myself just snapping some pictures on my iPhone and editing them. 

I have never EVER been artistic. I mean, I don’t necessarily think writing my name in bubbles letters in high school count as artistic. lol. I was more of the nerd type. I loved packing and repacking my backpack with fresh new school supplies before the first day of school. I was the type that loved taking notes in different color ink pens — gel pens were my favorite. I loved history and AP chemistry. But, never artistic. 

I think we’re all an artist deep down. I think we just have to find that one thing that pulls it out of us. Maybe it was photography that brought my artistic abilities out of me. Maybe It was having my daughter that showed me unconditional love. Or maybe, my Native American heritage. When we get around family during our ceremonies and being around the fire and just feeling the love.  I’m a family gal. I’m one of 7kids, and of the 7, I’m the oldest. Or maybe it was watching my mom make our homemade costumes out of what I thought was nothing. 

I AM AN ARTIST. I just had it locked away deep. Photography is a way for me to convey what I see and how I feel. 

 A little about myself; I am married to my amazing husband, Aaron who is in the Airforce. We have a beautiful daughter named, Avery. My husband's job allows us to travel -- hints why I'm in Germany and I absolutely love it!  I am very family oriented and my family means the world to me. I love to travel and explore new places. I'm from the Muscogee Creek and Euchee tribe; my heritage is the core of who I am.  I absolutely love everything about photography. Recently, I've found myself and my path of photography changing. Why? because of emotion and seasons. Time is fast and change is always happening. What I love most about how I approach my sessions, is I really try to document that season of your life. I really want you to be able to look back and really feel and almost relive that moment of your life. 

"You must start by experiencing what you want to express." - Van Gogh

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